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There are a lot of “he said, she said” on the Internet when it comes to our company and other real estate investor groups. People don’t understand how we operate, how we help those who are about to lose their home and ALL of their money.

These people who are at risk of destroying their credit need help and we’re there to help them at moment’s notice. As such, not everyone fits the demographic that our services provide, and because they don’t fit they think of us as some sort of scam. Well, that can’t be further from the truth. We’re in the business of helping people in dire need when no one else will.

So to give you an idea of what’s being said about us on the Internet, we’ve compiled a list of testimonials that you can check out for yourself!

The folks over at published a great article on those people who buy those ugly houses, and of course our company popped up in the comments  Alex, though, had some great info to add to the conversation:



The following comes from someone stating that they’re “underwater, and want to sell my house to relocate.”  A lot of people were trying to tell her it was a scam but Liz had something different to say:

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This next review is on Amazon’s Askville and the question asked was if  “We Buy Ugly Houses” also known as HomeVestors, is a legitimate business. Well, a few people had commented on the questions but “Manimal” had a great answer:

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Over at, a discussion broke out on Homevestors and our sister company “We Buy Ugly Houses.” There were a lot of comments and one answer just laid out the facts pretty straight forward cutting right through the myths: