No Admittance: The Story of How One Woman’s Distaste of Open Houses Lead Her to HomeVestors Front Door


After owning her home for almost 18 years, Dianna Cruz grew tired of it after retiring. She was fed up
with the responsibilities that came with owning a house: HOA rules and dues, insurance bills, yard work, maintenance, changes in the neighborhood, etc. She thought about selling her home, but the thought of hiring a realtor and having showings gave her heartburn.

“Not only was I tired of owning my house, but the thought of a parade of people invading my home for an open house or realtor showings at all hours was daunting,” said Dianna.


As Dianna spent her time avoiding realtors and trying to tolerate the burdens of homeownership, she kept seeing HomeVestors billboards.

“I would see the signs around town, with the little cave man and caption ‘We Buy Ugly Houses® ’. I thought it was funny and cute. After seeing it many times, I decided to call the number just speak to someone,” continued Dianna.

That someone was Rickey Williams, a HomeVestors franchisee from Stafford, Texas. After explaining her situation, Rickey visited Dianna’s house for an assessment.

“Rickey assured me that a parade of people would not be coming with him and promised to let me know before he left if he would purchase the home and the price he was willing to pay for it,” said Dianna.


Rickey came to Dianna’s house the next day and he made her an offer on the spot that Dianna happily accepted. Shortly after, they closed on the transaction and Dianna was paid in cash.

“I was tired of managing my house, and the thought of selling it was unimaginable. At that time, I felt like I was in a deep hole with no way out. The best move I made was calling the number on the sign. It was smooth sailing from that moment on,” said Dianna.

“Although her house definitely wasn’t the ugliest I’ve seen, Dianna made it clear that she was uncomfortable constantly showing her house and dealing with potential buyer’s realtors,” said Rickey.

“We signed a purchase contract on the property that day. No hassle.”