HomeVestors Goes Above and Beyond Just a Transaction


After Judy Raphael’s husband was diagnosed with dementia and moved to a nursing home, it became difficult for her to take care of the large house the couple had lived in for 23 years. Judy and her husband were married for 50 years, and had acquired a lot of stuff in that time. At first, Judy tried to maintain the house by herself, but things started to pile up and soon the house was in need of serious repairs.

“There were a lot of unknowns on what was wrong in the house – from mildew and mold, to the driveway that needed to be replaced, the list goes on,” said Judy Raphael.

Judy knew she needed to fix the house before it would be considered sellable, but knew she could not manage it on her own.


Judy saw a HomeVestors ® television commercial and decided to give them a call. That’s when she first met Aaron Katz of WinWin Properties, an independently owned and operated HomeVestors ® franchisee.

“Everything with Aaron was a positive experience,” said Judy. “He came in very optimistic and professional. Although my house needed a lot of repairs, he did not make me feel like it was bad. He never said anything negative about the condition of my house. He would say stuff like, ‘this can be done’ – which made me want to work with him.”

Aaron made Judy an offer she thought was fair, and she accepted it. Then the unexpected happened. During the sales process of her home, Judy’s mom passed away.

“Do you know who the first person was to stop by with flowers? Aaron,” said Judy. “In total, the deal took seven months. Aaron was very patient with me and I appreciated that.”


Judy asked Aaron to promise that she and her daughter could take a tour of her former home after the remodel was complete, but before it was resold.

“It didn’t seem like much, but this was important to me,” said Judy. A man of his word, Aaron did keep that promise and scheduled a private tour for Judy and her daughter. “I was absolutely amazed at what Aaron had done,” said Judy. “I would definitely recommend HomeVestors. I always say “ask for Aaron” because I know I had a great experience with him.”