From Seller to Owner: How one Family’s Experience Ironically Influenced Their Future


Becky Addison inherited her mother’s house and struggled with how to sell it. She was not in a financial position to fix, maintain, or own this property while also owning her primary residence.

“One day it was my parents’ house; and then suddenly it was my house and I was not prepared to be responsible physically or financially for the property. There were too many repairs to be made, my husband and I lived in another county, and we didn’t have the money to invest to update it, and we had to get rid of it,” said Becky.


While Becky and her husband were trying to quickly sell the property, time was running out on how much longer they could afford to pay for two homes. They had prayed for the right solution to present itself.

“Both Wayne and I had heard of HomeVestors, but imagine our surprise to have received a postcard in that day’s mail from a local franchisee when we realized we had less than a month before we could no longer pay two mortgages. It was as if our prayers had been answered,” continued Becky.

With not much to lose, Becky called the 800 number on the postcard and was put in touch with Adam Schneider, the Raleigh, North Carolina franchisee. She was hoping he would buy the house for a reasonable price, without having to put any more money into the property.


Adam did purchase the property for a price they both agreed to, paid Becky cash, and was able to close on the transaction in just 14 days.

What speaks volumes is what happened after the deal closed. Becky and Wayne had such a positive experience and liked Adam so much, that two years later they went from seller to franchisee owners themselves.

“That was probably the ultimate compliment I could have heard from a seller’s experience during their transaction”, said Adam Schneider. “It’s one thing to have a great experience. It’s quite another to have left an indelible impression on Becky and Wayne that was the reason later they decided to become franchisee owners themselves”.