Senior Living Transition with HomeVestors® Ease and Convenience How a reasonable price, time and efficiency were reasons enough for one family


After 34 years of living in one home, 81-year- old Ned Kraft and his 70-year- old wife decided it was time to consider living elsewhere. After suffering a broken leg from a fall, Ned felt an urgent need to move from his two-story home to a one-story, first floor apartment so he and his wife could safely manage their lifestyle and overall well being. With their close relatives and grandchildren nearby, living in a safer home environment became top priority.


Feeling the pressure of time, Ned did his research and considered his options of selling his home on his own versus working with a local realtor. From all that he had learned about his options, his reasoning led him closer to HomeVestors.

“I went online and found HomeVestors and got a quote from Moe Mathews and his wife, Kathy,” said Ned. “I liked the idea of HomeVestors giving me a fair price for the house and then taking over the overwhelming amount of responsibilities so I didn’t have to worry about cleaning it or fixing it up. I just wanted to sell it as quick as I could and move right away.”

“We work with many seniors in Ned’s position and we understand the transition of life stage he was in and were able to purchase his home and help him move quickly,” said Moe. “Based on our experience we could make the process as easy and fast as possible and offer Ned and his wife a reasonable price for their home.”


Ned was pleased with how this HomeVestors® franchisee handled their urgent matters quickly and fairly. “I would say they exceeded my expectations,” added Ned. “I was curious to know what I could get for my home of 34 years. I wasn’t expecting to get back as much as I got. Plus, working with Moe and Kathy was a very pleasant experience.”

Ned felt Moe kept his promises and HomeVestors just made the most sense. Ned was not only relieved of the burden of a lengthy sale time but also of the cost of extensive home repairs required to list his property. In the end, he felt HomeVestors was the best solution for them.